Monday, June 18, 2007

Graduation Time!

June is not only the month for honoring Dads and Granddads, it's also the time for celebrating the graduate!
On Sunday we attended a graduation party for my nephew who will be attending Boston University in the fall. We put together a College Survival Kit as our gift to him.
We included
*a sponge - to help him soak up all the knowledge floating his way
*a big puff of cotton - to help cushion his seat during those long hours of study at his desk
*a package of craft foam hand stickers - to remind him that he has many helping hands sticking by him while he's at school
*a roll of lifesavers - we don't want him to drown in all the information
*a small jigsaw puzzle in a box - to give him a place to keep all the pieces together and to remind him that he is an essential part of the puzzle
*a bag of marbles - to replace the few he's bound to lose during his freshman year
*a battery - to keep him going and going and going
*a safety pin - to remind him to be sharp and stay safe
*a toothpick - to prop his eyes open during a boring lecture (this is not to be used during lectures from his parents. During those, he must remain alert and attentive!)
*a guidebook to the city of Boston - so he can find where he's going
*a pre-paid transit card to get him there.

We had a lot of fun putting this kit together for Michael and he enjoyed receiving it. A survival kit can be created for any occasion - to see a page of more kits to make along with a long list of creative (but not expensive!) gift giving ideas, please visit my website for my page of Creative Gift Ideas.