Thursday, June 21, 2007

"Strawberry Cake With All Good Cream"

We made our first strawberry shortcake together this week - Maya and her Grammy. It was the "strawberry cake with all good cream" that she has wanted ever since she saw it in the April issue of a family magazine.
Another four generation creation - Great Grammy and Great Grampy picked the strawberries for Maya, Grammy and Maya made the shortcake and Mommy, Grampy and Maya "ate it all up."
A summer treasure.

We have more projects planned for our strawberries.

Here is an easy recipe for Strawberry Jam - it's a good one because it makes a small batch - two or three jars of jam.

We will need:
4 cups of strawberries,
rinsed and hulled (stems removed)
3 cups of sugar

Crush and mash the strawberries (we use a potato masher )
Mix in the sugar and pour the mixture into a large heavy pan.
Bring it slowly to a boil and continue that slow boil for about 10 minutes. You'll see when the jam starts to "boil down" in the pan - there will be a space of 1/4" or so between the mark on the inside of the pan that the mixture made during the early "high boil" and the level where the jam is boiling now.
That's the time to start testing for the "jellying point"
Dip a metal spoon into the boiling jam, then tilt the spoon until the mixture runs off. Watch the spoon. When the jellying point is reached, the last drops off the spoon will run together and slide off like a jam snowflake. Let the jam cool and pour it into clean jelly jars. Seal and refrigerate.

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